HDP series - helical parallel shaft heavy duty gear units

Reliable and time-tested gearbox.
HDP series gearboxes are designed to work under heavy loads and in difficult working conditions. All gear units can be a combined with the motor or they can operate as a single gear as well. Multiple mounting positions with one or two shafts, compression coupling are also possible.


    from 5000 Nm to 194050 Nm

    from 7.1 to 500
   Output configuration

Base and flange mounting
    Hole with compression sleeve
    One or two output shafts (different diameters possible)

Input configuration
    Motor flanges according to IEC standard
    Input shafts

Adaptable AC motors
    IEC motors and motors with brake - BE, BX series motors
    Single or double speed engines

Additional options
    Cooling fans
    Independent cooling devices
    Oil heaters
    Reversing devices
    Non-contact oil seals
    Forced lubrication
    Temperature and oil level sensors
Basic engine choices
    Thermistor and thermostatic sensors
    Additional fan with separate power supply
    Frequency converter and encoder

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